We recommend staying near the Sakae area. The Nagoya Station area is also a good option. JALTCALL2018 does not make recommendations, but the hotels listed below have positive ratings. If you cannot find a hotel in these areas, then Chikusa/Imaike or Kanayama stations are alternative options as they have convenient connections to the venue.

You may also like to check TripAdvisor for Nagoya Hotels. You can filter to Sakae or the Station area. Note that the less expensive hotels get quickly filled in these areas, so book as far in advance as possible.

Finally, this search on Google Maps shows options for Saturday June 9th.

Sakae Area

International Hotel

Hotel Trusty

The b Nagoya

Best Western



If you stay in the Sakae area, you will be able to take the Meijo subway line from Sakae to Nagoya Dome-mae Yada station without changing trains. The only tricky part is that some trains stop at Ozone (the station before Nagoya Dome-mae Yada). You can walk from Ozone, but it is easier to go on to Nagoya Dome-mae Yada and take Exit 2.

Nagoya Station Area

Hotels in the Nagoya Station area are also convenient, but you will have to change subways at Sakae (on the Higashiyama Line) or at Hisaya Odori (on the Sakuradori Line) and take the Meijo Line to Nagoya Dome-mae Yada. Another option is to take the JR Line from Nagoya Station to Ozone and walk, but it’s a little farther.

Tourist sites

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